The Syrian Child

Do you know how painful it is
To watch your world crumble away?
To sight your beloved’s sufferance
As you hover between life and death?

You know how traumatic it can be
To lose the things you once loved madly?
To witness the wreckage of serenity
As you sink into the oblivion of eternal sleep?

I know. I’ve gone through all this!
Sadly, this world isn’t what I expected

You saw those scenes of blood and flesh?
That’s my city of fear and death

And what’s even left to forsee?
We’ve lived through the disaster already
We lost everything don’t you see?
Have you forgotten about humanity?

You elite powers there! Dont say anything
For you’ll only make matters worse
You stay there in mighty mansions
Here our spirit won’t ebb away
We will surely find a way

So what if we’ve lost the reason to live?
So what if, for you, we’re just refugees?
We are something you can never be
Yes we are here to bring peace!

Beause you might be a champion in your union
But I am the real hero of my nation
I’m Aisha, I’m Huda, I’m Omran Daqneesh
I’m Nasrallah, I’m Hind Bakri, I’m Ahmed Abayed
I am a lone survivor
I am a fighter!

– Hafsa Mustafa

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